We are in artistic residence

In work to create a new show. FATIGA, Scenic rehearsal on tiredness and forgetfulness. Creation 2017-18

The Company

The Frutillas Con Crema Company was created in 2004 in Santiago, Chile. From there until today the company has create three shows.

From the very beginning the company has wanted their shows be performed all around the world, and to achieve this goal their slogan is “the odyssey for the pleasure of making people laugh”. Through these years the company has participated in more than one hundred festivals in twenty eight countries of America, Europe and Asia.

Claudio Martinez is a Chilean artist, clown, jester, corporal mime, juggler and tightrope walker. He has interpreted different one person shows of the company, and these shows are suitable for all audiences. The shows are, Pelotas y un Pelota (2004) – Icono, Clown para no reir (2010) – Petit (2012). The language of these shows try to be universal with the purpose of transcends language barriers, and it is communicated through the body, humor and proximity with the audience.

This year the company is working in the creation of a new show, “Fatiga, ensayo escénico sobre el cansancio y el olvido”. Nevertheless, their show “Petit” is still on tour in different festivals in Poland, Spain, Switzerland, Germany, France, Croatia, Austria, Chile and Argentina.


Petit / Gestural Theatre and cirque /
A show for the whole family

Petit is a show which purpose is make people find their self. It contains a little world full of dreams, carpets and trunks; and this world throughout the show is opening windows and throwing a ball, with the purpose to tell us: It is time to be children!, It is time for play!.

Considering that a hug cannot be replaced by anything, and that a laugh or a dream cannot be translated, Petit invokes subjective language and gestures, making us remember the value of simplicity. The absence of words is a choice. Transcending the idea of culture and language barriers, the show inquires into the human, where the souls silence is able of acting. Petit suggest a dream and sensitive language, as a source of gestures, grimaces and sounds. It uses a language that attempts to be gesture, action and transformation. Just as a tickle evoking laughter and crying.

Petit is a show, a show that is a life, a life that even being simple and small, it changes, flees and transforms.

Time: 45 minutes
Language: Gestural
Space: 7 x 5 mts (min)


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